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The group of artists ENFOCO proposes a poetic and profound approach to glaciers, exposing their vulnerability to climate change. It invites us to slow down time, to reflect from a philosophical angle, giving rise to questions of a transcendent order.


Through Inheritance Vulnerable an atmosphere of uneasiness is generated, exposing a reality that for the everyday is difficult to understand in its full dimension. It is presented to us as a space that is neither here nor there, a space that belongs to all of us. EnFoco places its lens on the glaciers and invites us to connect with its most intimate secrets, with its helplessness in the face of the irreverent advance of the human being. It invites us to listen to them, to observe them, to feel them as a reflection of a majestic beauty and a disturbing vulnerability.


Vulnerable Heritage calls us to witness the ecological changes that our world is experiencing. Poetic images, other times disturbing, the works address the most pressing aspects of human existence. Preserving our ecosystem with a view to a sustainable world is a duty of each and every one of us.

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