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Within the Times of Sand

“Tiempos de Arena” is a fabric of imaginary experiences and stories that proposes a reflection on our complex relationship with the untamed and vulnerable nature.


This project arises from an exploratory trip to Mauritania carried out at the beginning of 2020 by the artists who form EnFoco.


They experienced the intensity of the desert, the impetus of the nomads and the resistance of nature. Submerged in its infinite sands, they soon understood that in the desert time passes in a different beat, clocks hardly exist and the wind whispers distant stories that invite us to a profound introspection. The desert thus allowed a glimpse of the past, an inevitable connection with the present and an envision of the future, all at once.


Back and with the experience still afresh, they reimagined memories of a virgin desert, summoned their ghostly presences, watched man and nature invade each other, and finally invented their own utopias.


Through direct and intervened photographs, as well as collage and installations, everything recreates a desert that oscillates between documentary and fiction. EnFoco examines and transforms everything that it encounters at every turn. In “Tiempos de Arena”, the artists reconstruct their Mauritanian sensations and propose a playful challenge of disorientation, which does not ignore the desert but poeticizes it and poses a question about our leading role in the uncertain evolution of times and nature.

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